Saturday, January 28, 2012

FarmVille Tricks - FV Cash

Nearly every body is searching online for methods and FarmVille tips to make more Farm cash, and normally this brings us to two main questions: What's the difference between Farm Cash and Farm Coins? Does it worth to waste time in finding new ways to earn Farm cash?
Cash is the secondary money on FarmVille which allows you to buy limited edition items, fuel for your vehicles and the alternate versions of some items (like the Groovy Barn or the Black Barn instead of the traditional one). FarmVille coins are just for the items that you need to buy to make more money and other necessities.
How to win FV cash with NO cheating:
Level Up
For every time you level up you win One Farm Cash and you can do this by accumulating XP points. The new players in FarmVille are lucky to start at this time, because the more advanced players started playing before this feature was implanted in FarmVille and they didn't had the same amount of FV cash equal to their levelling up.
Filling Surveys
You can earn FV cash by filling out surveys, quizzes and other stuff, like book clubs or cell phone services. You can select Free offers, Paid offers and the Cell phone offers. Be careful on the Cell phone offers because usually these offers consist in subscription services.
Buy It
Yep that's right. You can BUY FV Cash with your Real money. Some people consider the prices quite low and the available items are pretty nice. If you don't want to spend your money on Virtual money and you don't want either to waste your time filling out surveys or quizzes, I recommend you the FarmVille Secrets Guide.
This guide contains all the secrets that only the top FarmVille farmers know to get Free FV cash. FarmVille Secrets can show you how to have your own system developed by the pros to help you making a lot of Free FV Cash and keep it coming in.


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