Saturday, January 28, 2012

Evony Forever - Evony Tips And Tricks For Getting Started On A New Server

At some stage when playing Evony forever you are going to start on a new server. It could be that the old one your playing on has just become unexciting or maybe you just want to meet new people and join a new alliance. Here I will give you a few Evony tips that will help you to grow fast and keep focused when starting the server.
I have played on a few servers so I have a plan that I roughly follow that sees me coming out of beginners protection in a strong position. The main thing to focus on at the start of a new server is resources. I cant stress this enough. Having access to the right resources early in the game will make or break you.
In the first 5 five days on a new server you need to build as many lumber and iron resource fields as you can. Get your town hall to level 4 and only build one farm and one stone mine. The rest need to be lumber and iron resources. The reason for this is that food and stone will always be cheap on the market and lumber and iron will always command the highest prices. Sometimes they can be as high as 4 to 1. So if you need food you can sell some lumber and get 3 or 4 times as much food.
Next you need to build up your cottages so that you have plenty of workers to work in your resource fields. Build only 8 or 9 cottages and get them to the highest level you can. With a big population in your city your resource fields will always be at 100% production. After the first 4 days in the game you should now be using the marketplace to your advantage and trading resources for what ever you need.
Another important tip to look out for at the start of the game is to visit your inn and recruit the best politics hero you can. Try and get a politics hero that is level 1 and has a politics attribute of 62 or higher. Once your politics hero is appointed to mayor you will notice that your city will start producing more resources. If you have a wealth of nations item then you can also give it to your politics hero. This will increase your heros politics by 25% for the next 7 days. This is a great boost for your resources and city building.
The next time you start a new server on Evony forever try and remember these few tips above. The main point of starting a new server is to grow fast and not be caught unaware when you do come out of beginners protection. Hopefully these few Evony tips will help you avoid such a scenario.


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