Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cafe World Layout Tips and Tricks

Looking for a few Cafe World layout tips and tricks? Here's a few that should help you level up faster.
Cafe World Layout Tip #1: Keep the distance between customers and servers short!
One cool thing about your customers is that they don't care how far they have to walk, they'll be happy either way. Just make sure that your servers don't have to walk far to get to them, because the longer they have to walk, the slower your money comes in! Try to keep the counters towards the middle of your cafe if you can.
Cafe World Layout Trick #2: Use every inch of your space!
I'm not saying to crowd in as many tables as possible- chances are you'll make it so your customers can't reach some chairs, or the servers can't reach the tables. Customers won't crawl over each other either, so basically if you're going to put your chairs against the wall, have at least one side open so your customer can get into it!
Cafe World Design Tip #3: Try using either a horseshoe shape or rows of tables.
These are both great designs that let your servers get to and from customers without having to walk around a ton of tables or decorations. They also let you have a lot of tables, and the open spaces in front of the tables let your servers get back and forth from serving and cleaning up.
And just one more tip for good measure- stay away from expensive decorations!
Although these do make your cafe look nicer, your money can be spent elsewhere if you're trying to level up fast and beat your friends.


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