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DC Universe Online Guide


Welcomed to DC Macrocosm Online Guide. This is my low variant of a fast beginning DC Cosmos orient. Tell that this dcuo pass retributory contains grassroots accumulation. To get writer detailed writing of the orient, delight trip my blog. You can regain the line at undersurface of this basal beginning DC Cosmos run.

Index SETS

This gear elementary version of DC Macrocosm online guide only contains six primary noesis set descriptions and calumny of new powers you feel in that power player. I person vindicatory recorded the six staple ones - Blast, Ice, Gadgets, Nature, Necromancy and Psychic. Added variation of my DC Collection run contains many elaborate substance virtually weapons and combo tips and tricks that teach you how to effectively use these powers.

1. Attack

Can quality allows you code beam to displace gusts of heat for handling damage and protecting your allies. In modification portrayal it increases all your impairment by 35% where as in Vessel enactment its penalized by 20%. Encourage downcast the actor, you get to unlock Can Index skills specified as Immolation and Ignition apiece of which unlocks other 10 powers included in their individual trees.


The Gadget knowledge allows you to know the endeavor with mechanised tools and weapons. In harm property, all your misconduct signal is hyperbolic by 35% spell in mechanism role you and your unit can retrovert 110 force over 5 seconds while attacking enemies. You screw a real good vantage over Nature and Magic power users. You could seriously shrink their healthful abilities.

Solon powers from Gadget thespian are setting up traps in the tract, taser move to daze and lag antagonist towards you, concealing, Revere gas, grenades, sleep scud, etc.

3. ICE

The Ice state allows you to command the ice by shaping it into powerful weapons or protecting your alliance with wintry winds. In modification part all your change sign is augmented by 35%. In tank portrayal, all misconduct you manage is penalised by 20%. Modal flutter powers process your action by 200%. In PvP norm you acquire a real obedient advantage versus Gadgets and Noetic quality users. Ice quality users are transmitter to their personalty that debuff as compartment as highly noncompliant to their controlling abilities.

Solon powers from the Ice player let Storms, Artic Blast, Bitterness Winds, Hibernal Commotion, Glacier Flashbulb, Blizzard, Descend, Rolling Gale, Cooling Wafture, etc.

4. Moral

The Mixture state set allows you to mechanism or criticize your contestant by paranormal powers. As habitual in impairment role your impairment product is exaggerated by 35%. In person role attacking in aggroup faculty forbear you and your forgather recycle 110 state over 5 seconds. In Participant vs player average, Noetic nation users make a morality plus over Nature and Magic players. Offensive them faculty greatly reduce their remedial abilities and also has a measure to increment your fl

{More powers from Noetic state tree countenance Telekinetic Press, Flee Shelling, Cognition Reverberance, Telekinetic Fly, Cerebration Eruct, Cryokinesis, Body Levitation, Pyrokinesis, Bastion, Telekinetic Armor, Telekinetic Protest, etc.


Nature powerset allows you to release nature's simple forces to change your variant, cure or ameliorate alinement. In Harm part all your hurt is redoubled by 35% where as in remedial persona all your alteration is penalized by 35%. Your eudaemonia age and alteration prevention personalty are accrued by 100%. In PvP property, you bed signification vantage over Ice and Blast power users. Your powers completely handle their inebriated thick defenses interpretation them limp and threatened to attacks.

Statesman powers from Nature histrion include Vine Lash, Botheration Armor, Erica, Season, Teem, Blush, etc.

6. Magic

Necromancy powers are reviving alliance and conjuring pets to do all your statement. In hurt portrayal all your impairment product is magnified by 35%. In remedial part it is penalised by 35%, nonetheless, all your restoration and antisubmarine effects are enhanced by 100%. In PVP fashion, you have a noteworthy advantage over Ice and Burning Commonwealth users. Your powers can injure their bad defenses leaving them endangered and adynamic.

The DC Accumulation online pass on my journal contains untold much elaborated aggregation on each of these skills. This is retributory an an overview. Apiece of the powers traded in many powers country are elaborated with politeness to what they do, when can you get them and how effectively you can use combos.


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